Nokia N80 : Assigning static IPs

In one of the articles I mentioned, assigning static IP to N80 is a little tricky. Here is where I show you how to do so. Nokia has concealed this highly useful option and the following steps will show you how to locate it and assign static IP settings to your wonderful phone.

1. Goto Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > Access point
2. Select the desired access point and edit
3. Configuration settings of your acess point is displayed. Now Go to Options > Advanced Settings.
4. Advanced settings menu opens. Select IP v4 Settings.
5. In IP v4 settings, select the Phone IP Address (default : automatic)
6. In this screen, you can assign ip address, gateway, subnet mask etc.
7. If you wish to revert back to automatic IP, type as the IP address.
8.In the IP v4 settings screen, you can also assign a primary and secondary DNS manually.

Note : Static IP assignment is needed only when your wireless network doesn't support a dynamic IP assignment (no DHCP)