WinXP : Creating a wireless home network to share internet

A lot of people complained that I was too pro Linux. Here is a nifty way to create a ad-hoc wireless network at home and share internet over it using WinXP.

System : WinXP Pro/HP Media Center Desktop (any laptop/desktop with wifi card will do)
Broadband : BSNL 2 MBps ADSL
Connection type : Internet connected via pppoE(our internet gateway via ethernet)
and a wireless LAN adapter

Other Devices on the network : Nokia N80, Hp tablet pc, HP centrino laptop with ubuntu/fc6

Rich DeMuro, Senior Editor at, shows you how to do in this nice video
Creating an ad-hoc wireless internet sharing network

As they say, videos are better than step-by-step howtos, do message me if the above doesn't work for you.

Happy surfing.

*Updated: I just realized that Rich missed out how to assign IPs in case of WinXP to the devices. Follow these steps -
1. Assign a static IP subnet
to the host's Wireless interface
(Control Panel > Network Conn. > Wireless network Connection > Properties > Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) > Properties)

2.Once the ad-hoc network is up, in all the client devices assign the following in a similar way as above
static IP 192.168.0.x where range of x is (2, 254)

***updated March 29/2008
A lot of folks found this hard to configure. I wasn't expecting that. The entire purpose was to make this tutorial dead easy. Here is the summary:

1. wireless interface on XP
ip address:
subnet mask:

2. Your other network ethernet interface on XP, do obviously will get ip, dns etc automatically from your isp (assuming, this is what is connecting you to the internet)

3. Enable internet sharing (as shown in video or WinXp pro users, check here)

4.On N80:
Phone ip address:
default gatway:
primary dns:

(note: how the N80 gw and dns is same as the ip of wireless interface)

Purpose: We don't have a wireless router but are connected to internet via some ethernet port. We have a wifi card on the system, and we want to create an ad-hoc wifi spot at home, connecting other wireless devices to the internt using the wifi port on the pc. Packets will be routed via this wifi interface to the LAN/ethernet that connects us to internet. phew..

If you own a nokia N80, instructions are here .
For WinXp pro users, check here for an easier alternative