Site of the Week: Pageflakes

Pageflakes is a NetVibes and iGoogle like personal news and rss aggregator where you can add nifty little widgets, rss feeds and stuff and have all your favorite websites and feeds in 1 page. Here we look at the great things Pageflakes has to offer to increase our productivity.. and hey a gentle warning, it is highly addictive too.

Some cool and useful flakes (widgets) are the gmail mail checker, bookmarkers, rss feed readers etc. Pagelakes allows you to customize the layout, themes etc. You can add more pages, each with different elements say for Biz news, emails, technology news etc.

Pageflakes has tonnes of great features. It has a reader tool similar to google reader/bloglines and all the rss feeds added to your pages are automatically available via it.

Another highly useful feature in Pageflakes is PageCasting, which allows you to share your page with other users. There is a cool flake which allows users to create a community board to share stuffs and collaborate.

You can also chose to add an entire page from other users by copying it or linking(watch) to it allowing you to use completely designed pages in your view, which is highly useful as the community already has some greate pagecasts covering a wide array of services and news.

Overall, a great, attractive and useful tool for people who spend lots of time reading and browsing through blogs and webpages and can access all the information from one page.