Veronica Belmont Joins Revision3 ... and my hdc has crashed

Great! A post after a week. Have been really busy lately completing my honors thesis and yeah, my hd device controller has crashed..

On a more interesting note, blogoshpere is buzzing of news that Veronica is teaming up with Patrick Norton to host Tekzilla. I had almost seen this coming when Roger Chang made a sly remark to Patrick's question about the next co-host in last week's ep.

Revision3 is my favorite show online and this news makes it an even more must watch. Everyone's just glad no more pain of watching Mahalo Daily, just to catch up with Ms Belmont. She suits a tech role better.

ZDNET's Working Webware, a must watch

You love the webware blog and Rafe Needleman's take on latest web 2.0 applications. Now, ZDNet has a new video segment called Working Webware where Rafe and ZDNet Editor in Chief Dan Farbe interview folks from upcoming startups and discuss their future.

A must watch if you are a pageflakes, ning or zoho fan. These are some of the companies covered so far.

It gives a great insight into the challenges these popular startups face and the faces behind these ideas.I just hope they update this segment on a weekly basis.

Tech TV this week

This is a new segment on my blog. I watch a lot of online tech shows. Here I'll list my week's favs.

1. Natali Del Conte's Loaded
Natali replaces Veronica Belmont as the next cele-babe at This show rivals Cali Lewis' GreekBrief.TV with it's short round up of daily tech news mon-thursday

2. Tekzilla
Patrick Norton delivers yet another entertaining episode of Tekzilla this week along with special guest Veronica Belmont. Kevin Rose guest hosted last weeks ep.

Veronica Belmont was here last week. I am yet to see this week's episode.
But Robert Heron has never disappointed us.

4. Cranky Greeks
John Dvorak discusses with a couple of reporters from The Register, regarding the Microsoft and Yahoo deal.